The Seducer’s Diary | Playthrough Video

Finally I pushed myself to make something visual with this track, called “The Seducer’s Diary”, which will be a part of my #debut #solo #album “9 Stories”, because it became something like a hit – many of my friends told me they had some melodies from this track stuck in their minds, so it would be a shame not to do anything about it.

So, I took my phone, put it on some DIY by me stand and started shooting different plans of me playing… I really became mad, because I had to do several different jobs for making this video because finally, I was not only guitar player but a cameraman, director and video editor 😀

It took me very much time because actually I am not familiar with shooting, directing or editing and I had to learn all these things during the process. In fact, when I uploaded my video to YouTube, I was nicely surprised, that it gained five times more views than my other videos, so I suppose I already have new, higher goals to achieve from now on 😀

Well… I stop with the bullsh*it and will provide you with the video, so enjoy it, share it and support me in every other way, if you like my work 🙂