Memoirs of a Geisha – Guitar Playthrough Video

A lot of people told me, that “Memoirs of a Geisha” is their favourite track from my debut solo album “9 Stories”, so I decided to do a playthrough video of it. Recently, a friend of mine gave me a beautiful chinese black dress with dragons on it, and when I saw it, I thought that this dress would fit perfectly to the concept of the video of “Memoirs of a Geisha”. So I put it on, put some delicate makeup and started shooting… I hope you will like the result.

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P.S. In my “WeeklyckZ” videos, I did several tutorials about licks, taken from this track, so if you’re interested, check them below the video.



WeeklyckZ #35

This week in “WeeklyckZ” I decided to show you an ascending arpeggio lick, based on Em9maj7 chord. The lick is constructed by patterns, each one starting from different, sequential notes of the chord.

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WeeklyckZ #32

This week I decided to show you a tapping arpeggio inspired by Tony MacAlpine. There is a little tricky moment at the end, where you have to bend the string with your right hand, while you tap.

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WeeklyckZ #29

This week I made for you a video tutorial for a descending picking lick with some interesting flavour – it is in Hungarian minor scale, aka Double harmonic minor scale. The pattern of the phrases is often used in the neoclassical shred – you will see it clearly enough in the slow tempo part of the video.

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WeeklyckZ #25

Here’s another lick, taken from my debut album’s track, in this particular case – “For Esmé – With Love And Squalor”. In this video I am showing a 7-string minor arpeggio, played in 5/4 time signature on 16th notes, using hybrid picking technique. Keep in mind, that the guitar in the track is tuned whole step down.

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WeeklyckZ #23

This week I am turning up again to the exotic scales and that’s why I made a two finger tapping lick in Double harmonic minor scale, aka Hungarian minor scale, in this particular case – in F#m.

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Queen Of Strings Competition

Here’s my entry for the “Queen Of Strings” competition – voting is once per day, so I hope you’ll support me regularly 🙂

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WeeklyckZ #1

Here’s the first guitar lick from the #WeeklyckZ series, featured on my official YouTube channel. As the name suggests, it is about weekly licks, which I will post regularly, so feel free to share, comment and of course, subscribe to my channel.

The Seducer’s Diary – Official Music Video

After months of hearing my friends humming some melodies of my track “The Seducer’s Diary”, I decided, that this should be the first piece from the album to have a music video, so I and the director Boris Katzounov started discussing some ideas about the video. I had the idea, that there should be a storyline – a symbolic and metaphoric one, which had to reproduce what I felt, when reading the Kirkekaard’s book, but re-created nowadays – this task was wonderfully performed by Boris Katzounov, the cameraman Vladimir Bichev and the actors – Victoria Ivanova and Hristo Gebrev.

To avoid the monotonous storytelling, which wouldn’t correspond with the music’s dynamics, I thought it is best to rely on the classical approach to use black & white shots of a band playing, which gave the music video the dynamics needed, also the feel of a soundtrack from a movie, which was the main goal – thanks to the video editor Nikolina Atanasova. Because of the tough schedule of all the people, involved in the video, we had only about 3 hours of shooting, but we did it in time, so I am very grateful to all the crew, who supported this videoclip and made it happen – big thanks to all of you!

So, here is the video, so enjoy and share!

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov | Flight of the Bumblebee

Because I’ve recently got my first 8-string guitar from Jackson Guitars, I decided to make something interesting… like arranging “Flight Of The Bumblebee” in some sort of a djent style. I thought, that there are too many people, who just play this piece from 170 bpm to 98234098234098 bpm, using the same midi file as a background, which is a little bit annoying in a musical aspect… Of course, I highly respect these people, who had the patience to reach such speeds, but I didn’t do this cover to compete with someone. I am not trying to be the fastest guitar player – I can’t be, neither it’s a goal for me. I actually like the music in this piece, because it is a great example of making a melody, using mainly chromatic scales. This was and the challenge for me – I needed to integrate very different counterparts and low end riffs, which needed to keep the harmony of the piece and give it a brand new modern sounding at the same time.

Well, enough talking from me. Below is the video, so enjoy, subscribe, share and… enjoy again 😉