Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov | Flight of the Bumblebee

Because I’ve recently got my first 8-string guitar from Jackson Guitars, I decided to make something interesting… like arranging “Flight Of The Bumblebee” in some sort of a djent style. I thought, that there are too many people, who just play this piece from 170 bpm to 98234098234098 bpm, using the same midi file as a background, which is a little bit annoying in a musical aspect… Of course, I highly respect these people, who had the patience to reach such speeds, but I didn’t do this cover to compete with someone. I am not trying to be the fastest guitar player – I can’t be, neither it’s a goal for me. I actually like the music in this piece, because it is a great example of making a melody, using mainly chromatic scales. This was and the challenge for me – I needed to integrate very different counterparts and low end riffs, which needed to keep the harmony of the piece and give it a brand new modern sounding at the same time.

Well, enough talking from me. Below is the video, so enjoy, subscribe, share and… enjoy again 😉