“Perpetual Burn” and one big nice surprise

This masterpiece by Maestro Jason Becker is something, that was inspiring me for so long, but I was always afraid even to think about playing it, until last year, when I finally made up my mind and came to the point to start actually learning it. And yesterday, during my practice, I shot a video of me playing some parts of “Perpetual Burn” just for my own feedback¬†purposes, but later I decided to upload it on my official facebook page. 5 minutes later I was sitting shocked and extremely nicely surprised…

Jason Becker himself had just shared my video on his page and while I was still trying to figure out what is happening, I could only sit and watch the number of views, likes, comments and so forth growing like an avalanche… so far, exactly 24 hours after I posted it, it has over 58,000 views – something I’ve never imagined that could happen to any of my videos… This act of kindness from Mr. Becker is something, that still keeps me breathless, and of course – full of gratitude, needed to express.

Thank you, Mr. Jason Becker, from the bottom of my heart!