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Being a session guitar player since 2001, I can offer professionally played guitar parts for your songs at affordable prices and quick delivery.

Terms and conditions are:

You provide me with the track, I must compose and record my guitar part(s), also a reference track or a description what is required from me to do, tempo information (if applicable) and lyrics (translated in English if the original language is not English), which I will need just for information about the mood and the story of the song, because I would like to deliver a real and emotionally loaded part.

When I receive the materials, I will send you an invoice for a 50% prepay. My guitar parts will be provided within 48 hours from the time of the received prepay. I am sending the recorded guitar parts in two versions – one with my own processed sound and one raw, unprocessed track, so you can have more flexibility of choosing the right sounds. All guitar parts I provide to you are royalty-free.


  • Single guitar part up to 10 min. length (e.g. a guitar solo) – 200 EUR (including two free corrections, delivered in another 48 hours each)
  • Two or more guitar parts up to 10 min. length (full song guitar parts, e.g. rhythm, solo, etc) – 350 EUR (including two free corrections per part, delivered in another 48 hours each)
  • Further corrections – 10% of the initial price per correction
  • Pricing for guitar parts longer than 10 min. is negotiable

Payments (via PayPal):

  • Prepay 50% of the initial price (invoice will be sent) – non-refundable
  • Final payment, including the other 50% of the initial price, additionally paid corrections, if any, and 8% PayPal tax on the final amount (invoice will be sent after written approval of the recorded guitar parts, sent by email)

For hiring me, please use the form below:

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  1. David Martinetti
    29 March 2016 @ 09:53

    «A musical work, as a philosophical concept, can only be considered in its entirety. The philosophical text builds a rational concept that fits reality, each phrase allows to pace a tiny part of reality but, taken as such, is only an incomplete and inaccessible part of the fundamental idea of the designer, a fragment. As the philosopher, composer or painter also expresses a thought. But for these two latter, the words are not “the main substance”. Music builds an imaginary world where each musical note drives the listener on a particular path designed by the composer. The quest must be accomplished by the auditor in its entirety to penetrate the world built by the composer.
    Each sentence says little in itself but, in the whole work, emerges an entire world. A real and particular world comes from the philosopher’s speech who wants to be the descriptor of the real world, an imaginary world and particular with regards to the composition of the musician, the one who wants to be the craftsman of emotions which strokes the sensitive of the being and draws the outlines. And I say “particular” also to define what is called “real” because everything that is used to be called “real” is the object of interpretation of reason and the reason is particular to each. The reason, as a singular, is subjectivity. Philosophers, theologians or scientists can not escape this finiteness, each of them lives in his “real” world. By the same, the imaginary world is opened to us and is potentially wider than the real world, infinite in the space of present time.
    The world of music whose composers are the guides, the art world in general, as well as the world of ideas of which philosophers are preachers reveal the expression of the absolute freedom of each person …”
    I think
    « L’ensemble de mon œuvre fera un jour un tout indivisible »
    Victor Hugo


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