Facebook Page Anniversary #1

Today my #Official #Facebook #Page turns 1 month… I know it is funny to celebrate such a baby-like anniversary, but at this very moment, it has 1639 likes, which is actually a pretty good achievement for a musician’s page of a not-known guitarist from #Eastern #Europe, who’s managing all this stuff all alone, despite all of the circumstances and the usual living troubles in this area, so celebrate with me, pour a bit of your favourte drink, raise your glass and shout out loud “Hallowed be thy name!” (it’s Alexandra Zerner, in case you have forgotten, after all this drinking) 😀
Then, after you swallow, you can go and visit my facebook page here and give me a like, then check my #YouTube channel here and you better subscribe, because I will upload a new guitar video every week and you don’t want to miss it, trust me 😉
Also, you can check my campaign for my #debut #solo #album “9 Stories” here and support me, so I can continue doing music, because “likes” don’t pay my bills… or at least the cashier says so 😉