A Perfect Day For Bananafish | Video Teaser

Hello, friends, fans or random passing strangers! 🙂 After the success of my #audio #sample, that I did last week of my track “A Perfect Day For Bananafish”, I decided to do and a #video #playthrough of another part of the track, because it is long and complicated enough to show it in just a one minute sample, so here you can see one more interesting fragment of the track, which… ok… I will share a little secret to you – it will be the opening track in my #upcoming #debut #solo #album “9 Stories”, so if you follow my topics here and my #facebook #page here, you’re now a little bit more familiar with the album background, tracks, etc. Also, I want to share with you, that in October, my album #9Stories will be available for #online #purchase, so stay in tune by visiting this site or my official facebook page. Ok, enough annoying talk – below is the video, so if you like it, subscribe, share and support me however you wish 🙂