WeeklyckZ #13

Here’s the lucky number 13! It’s a descending tapping lick on sextuplets, which is in Dorian mode, on a Dm6 chord.

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WeeklyckZ #12

This week I am presenting you another exotic scale – a japanese one, called Hirajoshi. I made this heptuplet lick in Em and I hope you’ll like it:

WeeklyckZ #11

Here’s the 11th lick from my “WeeklyckZ” series, which is a two chord arpeggio lick on Gm and Gdim chords.

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WeeklyckZ #10

This week it’s time for this sort of “anniversary” lick – number 10, and because I’ve been asked to do an extended range guitar lick, I did this 8-string tapping arpeggio on Cmaj9#11 chord. So, from now on, every 10th lick will be either for 7 or 8 strings, unless you need such things more often – if so, feel free to write me!

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