WeeklyckZ #23

This week I am turning up again to the exotic scales and that’s why I made a two finger tapping lick in Double harmonic minor scale, aka Hungarian minor scale, in this particular case – in F#m.

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WeeklyckZ #8

This week I am presenting you some sort of “tribute” lick – a two chord arpeggio run, inspired by Jason Becker.

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WeeklyckZ #1

Here’s the first guitar lick from the #WeeklyckZ series, featured on my official YouTube channel. As the name suggests, it is about weekly licks, which I will post regularly, so feel free to share, comment and of course, subscribe to my channel.

Cryin’ by Joe Satriani – covered by Alexandra Zerner

It was a long time, since I did my last cover, but this masterpiece of Joe Satriani remained stuck in my mind for so long, that it would be a shame not to try to play it… and put something from me in there as well. I must admit, that beside the strong emotional load, this piece consist of, it is also like a guitar lesson about string bending – so many of them here, every single one being pitched perfectly by maestro Satriani, so even though it is far from shredding, it is still a great challenge for every lead guitarist.

Well, enough talking – here’s the video, so enjoy, subscribe to my channel and share! πŸ™‚


Alex Uncovered

Brand new feature on my #YouTube channel (Alexandra Zerner Official), which is called “Alex Uncovered”… Too many meanings for explaining why it is called that way, so I leave it all to your imagination πŸ˜‰

The point of this feature is to be found a place, where you can see all of the covers I do of my favourite songs and instrumental pieces, so they will be easily accessable and you can enjoy the things I enjoy πŸ™‚


Alex Uncovered