Morning Star (Vinnie Moore) – cover by Alexandra Zerner

Here’s one more shred guitar cover, that I did – it’s a Vinnie Moore’s track from his great album “Time Odyssey”, and I think it’s the track, that I love the most from this album – “Morning Star”.

I put a lot of efforts to learn this one, because Vinnie is one of the most clearly playing guitarists, so it is hard to achieve his preciseness, also learning such piece by ear is very time consuming, but definitely rewarding.

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Brothers (Yngwie Malmsteen) – cover by Alexandra Zerner

I didn’t do any covers recently, because I’ve got a lot of work, also I am writing material for my second album, but this track by Yngwie Malmsteen (one of my favourite guitar players) doesn’t stop rushing in my mind since this masterpiece “The Seventh Sign” was released back in 1994. These were still tough years here, in Bulgaria, because the country was freshly freed from the communistic regime, and the only way to learn playing something, was rewinding the casette over and over again, until you get to hear the exact phrase. You can be sure it is very hard task to do, especially when it comes to such guitar heroes like Yngwie. Nevertheless, I finally made up my mind to sit down and learn this piece good enough, so I would be able to make a good cover of it. I recorded my own, a little bit rearranged backing track, partly (but not only) because the key is Am, but Yngwie tunes his guitar half step down, so it actually sounds in G#m… However, I don’t like transposing music to a key, different than the original, because it kills the music in some degree, also me, being a synesthete, changing the key changes the colours, that I am “hearing”, hence it feels uncomfortable. And because my guitar is in standart tuning, I had to play it in G#m, as you will see in the video below.
Another interesting thing is, that this is also the first track, that I am recording with my upgraded 8-string Jackson JS32-8Q – I put a Seymour Duncan Pegasus and a Kahler 2218 Stud Mount tremolo on it. I used and my brand new tube preamp ENGL E530, with my Boss GT-8, plugged in the FX loop of the unit. Keep in mind, that the preamp is plugged directly into the sound device, no cabinets or simulations. I am writing this, because there are no demos for this preamp, plugged direcly like that, so most of the people, who are interested in getting this unit, can’t decide whether they like it or not. Well, enough talking! Here’s the video, so enjoy, subscribe and share all around! 🙂

Cryin’ by Joe Satriani – covered by Alexandra Zerner

It was a long time, since I did my last cover, but this masterpiece of Joe Satriani remained stuck in my mind for so long, that it would be a shame not to try to play it… and put something from me in there as well. I must admit, that beside the strong emotional load, this piece consist of, it is also like a guitar lesson about string bending – so many of them here, every single one being pitched perfectly by maestro Satriani, so even though it is far from shredding, it is still a great challenge for every lead guitarist.

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Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov | Flight of the Bumblebee

Because I’ve recently got my first 8-string guitar from Jackson Guitars, I decided to make something interesting… like arranging “Flight Of The Bumblebee” in some sort of a djent style. I thought, that there are too many people, who just play this piece from 170 bpm to 98234098234098 bpm, using the same midi file as a background, which is a little bit annoying in a musical aspect… Of course, I highly respect these people, who had the patience to reach such speeds, but I didn’t do this cover to compete with someone. I am not trying to be the fastest guitar player – I can’t be, neither it’s a goal for me. I actually like the music in this piece, because it is a great example of making a melody, using mainly chromatic scales. This was and the challenge for me – I needed to integrate very different counterparts and low end riffs, which needed to keep the harmony of the piece and give it a brand new modern sounding at the same time.

Well, enough talking from me. Below is the video, so enjoy, subscribe, share and… enjoy again 😉

Alex Uncovered

Brand new feature on my #YouTube channel (Alexandra Zerner Official), which is called “Alex Uncovered”… Too many meanings for explaining why it is called that way, so I leave it all to your imagination 😉

The point of this feature is to be found a place, where you can see all of the covers I do of my favourite songs and instrumental pieces, so they will be easily accessable and you can enjoy the things I enjoy 🙂


Alex Uncovered