New Album ‘Opus 1880’ on PledgeMusic

My third solo album is already happening!

It’s called ‘Opus 1880’ and it’s a double CD conceptual album – a dramatic sci-fi love story, expressed in more than 100 minutes of colourful progressive rock, based on the guitar style you’re already familiar with from my previous albums ‘9 Stories’ (2014) and ‘Aspects’ (2015), garnished with some classic old prog, acoustic ballads, modern metal riffs, and wide rande of interesting instruments. This time the album will also have tracks with vocals and few awesome guest appearances.

I made a video especially for you, where I explain everything in details, so make sure you visit this link and support my new album ‘Opus 1880’.

9 Stories

Well, my debut album “9 Stories” is officially out and you can find it on the link below.

All I can say is, that this projects was a really hard task to perform, a 9-month musical adventure, where I had to compose, play and record every single instrument, which left me with almost no powers at the end. Luckily, I had the strenght to mix and master this epic (for me) production, so now you can enjoy it and eventually buy it, which would be great support to me, because I have no manager, no label and stuff and I am doing everything on my own.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the link to my album in iTunes: 9 Stories