Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest | Alexandra Zerner

Another cool contest popped up and I had a serious dilemma if I should enter or not, because usually such competitions are an arena of an enormous amount of show off, which is actually disgusting. Then a brilliant idea hit me – I will do an anti-shred 4-note solo! Well, after the spicing, it actually came up to be 7-notes solo (and an additional short “blue” note in the transition arpeggio-like phrase before the theme repeat), but I still kept it simple and melodic. So, here’s the video (vote for me here) and below you can find some additional details, if you’re interested.

In this recording I decided to give a try to my brand new Bias FX from Positive Grid, which is a great plugin to have – I really appreciate it, being a session musician. The guitar is Jackson JS32-8Q, equipped with Kahler 2218 tremolo, and goes directly into my Scarlett 18i8 from Focusrite, without any other devices on the path. Due to the fact, that many people asked me about the preset, that I used, I decided to upload it here, so you can enjoy it and mention me around 🙂
For downloading the preset – click on the picture.

Nili Brosh’s ‘A Matter of Perception’ Guitar Contest – Alexandra Zerner’s Entry – Behind the Scenes

Generally I stopped participating in guitar competitions, because most of them turned into a shredding show-off, which is not my cup of tea, but this contest grabbed my attention just because Nili Brosh announced it as a melody writing contest, which is something, that I would gladly participate in. It’s done by the courtesy of PremierGuitar as a PG Giveaways. The other major reason is that this contest actually helps Jason Becker by generating donations to his fund and this is a great motivation to me to do something about it.

Nili Brosh is a great player and musician in general, and she does very interesting music, so it was a pleasure for me to compose something over her track. It was a quite challenging task to perform, because of the two distinct parts, bringing very different flavours for the listener, combined with nice chord progressions, so it was really ‘A Matter of Perception’ for me to work on.

As a matter of fact, I wrote the second part first – when I heard the track, this à la Marty Friedman melodic line popped up in my mind immediately, so it should be a shame not to record it. It is a bit harmonically demanding, so I needed to adjust few notes and phrases in order to fit the chord progression good enough. Then came the first section, which sounded to me a bit middle-east asian, so I decided to use an arabic octatonic to build my melodic lines there. I was afraid, that both sections won’t go along together very good, but nevertheless I gave them a chance. I hope you’ll like the result.

Enjoy, subscribe and share! 🙂

Queen Of Strings Competition

Here’s my entry for the “Queen Of Strings” competition – voting is once per day, so I hope you’ll support me regularly 🙂

Enjoy and share! 🙂 Guitar Solo Contest 2014

Another interesting guitar contest, that I was invited to enter, and it was really a pleasure to compose a solo for the given track, because it has interesting riffs, harmony modulations and nice chord progressions, which made the writing process more challenging, than usual. This time I decided to use the pedal bend function of my #BossGT-8 and to do some experiments with it, because I always wanted to do something with it, but somehow I didn’t succeed to integrate it in my compositions, so I am happy it worked this time.

So, below is the video and I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to share it everywhere, if you like it 🙂

MayonesDuncan guitar competition

So here’s another nice guitar competition, which is the collaboration between #Mayones #guitars and my favourite guitar #pickup brand #SeymourDuncan, who have provided a wonderful backing track to play on, so it was a pleasure for me to do my “magic” on it 😀

You can go, listen and vote for my #entry at

I hope you’ll enjoy my work 🙂

Guitar Idol 4 entry

Time for a new guitar competition – Guitar Idol 4, which is the first one, I am entering, that accepts original songs and not just given backing track, which I find as wonderful opportunity 🙂
I was working a lot and hard in order to succeed making one more track to my #debut #solo #album “9 Stories”, which was extremely difficult task to record a 6-minute #neoclassical #guitar #progressive piece with some #djent elements on a old and weak laptop, that I borrowed from a friend, because I just can’t sit here and doing nothing…
Well, the result is here and below you can find the link, where you can see and hear my entry and, of course, vote for me 🙂

Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014

Sooo, a little bit different from what I usually play, bit it was a good experience with my good old 6-strings #Ibanez, which now has got a brand new ‘Alexandra Zerner’ #logo (for more info – check my facebook page) 🙂

Enjoy my #entry for the Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014: