WeeklyckZ #17

Here’s another lick from a track from my debut solo album “9 Stories”, which is a 7th chord arpeggio lick, taken from “Léon”, so enjoy, subscribe and share!

WeeklyckZ #16

This week I decided to show you a little bit more advanced stuff, which is a two finger tapping lick in Dm.
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Getting a Kahler tremolo system

Finally, the epic story around getting a Kahler tremolo in Bulgaria (no distributors around), came to its end and I received the long-desired 8-string Kahler 2218 – a stud mount model with brass cam and steel saddles (you can get it here), which will be installed on my 8-string Jackson JS32-8Q. Of course, I was so happy about it, that I posted a photo of my funny smiling face and the brand new Kahler tremolo on my personal facebook profile and surprisingly my photo appeared on the facebook page of Kahler, which is a great aknowledgement for me 🙂

Big thanks to Kahler again! 🙂

WeeklyckZ #15

Due to the big interest, I did another extended range lick (7-string) before the planned WeeklyckZ #20, so if the course stays the same, you will enjoy ERG licks even more often 😉
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WeeklyckZ #14

This week I decided to show you a little part from my track “Memoirs Of A Geisha” (you can get the whole album by clicking here), which is a double harmonic minor lick in F#m. I plan to make and other lick videos, featuring solos from my album, so subscribe to my channel and feel free to share! 🙂