Wait For Sleep (by Dream Theater)

It is some idea, I was thinking about for some time, and when I heard the complete arrangement in a dream two days ago, I was already convinced, that I had to make this cover, dead or alive…images and words šŸ˜‰ … I even put my phone to the charger the night before, because it would play an important role in this recording, being the only option to record video, while playing piano via sampler on the laptop… Well, I am actually a little bit surprised, that I did all the takes almost from the first attempt, so I plan to give myself some medal… or chocolate… or beer… or both šŸ˜€
So, I am not a singer, therefore I had to replace the vocal part with something – a guitar, for an example šŸ˜€
Well…. too many words… let’s start with the images:

2 thoughts on “Wait For Sleep (by Dream Theater)

  1. PHnmT says:

    So you obviously have a laptop. Why are you begging for money then? Who believes this at all?!

    • Obviously I use laptop, yes… which is not mine, but I borrowed it, so I can at least do something, but not just sitting here complaining.
      Also, I don’t beg – if you read carefully what’s written in my campaign, you’ll see, that this is a pre-order, not begging. But, of course it is easier to attack, than to think first and try a different point ot view.
      At least I am trying to do something about my album even in the given situation.
      And this, so-called “begging” is not obligatory – if you don’t want, you don’t have to do anything.
      Maybe you have to live just for a month the way I live, at the place I live, at this living standart and you will see why I am acting like this.
      Good luck and try not to be that prejudical for the future.

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