MayonesDuncan guitar competition

So here’s another nice guitar competition, which is the collaboration between #Mayones #guitars and my favourite guitar #pickup brand #SeymourDuncan, who have provided a wonderful backing track to play on, so it was a pleasure for me to do my “magic” on it 😀

You can go, listen and vote for my #entry at

I hope you’ll enjoy my work 🙂

Guitar Idol 4 entry

Time for a new guitar competition – Guitar Idol 4, which is the first one, I am entering, that accepts original songs and not just given backing track, which I find as wonderful opportunity 🙂
I was working a lot and hard in order to succeed making one more track to my #debut #solo #album “9 Stories”, which was extremely difficult task to record a 6-minute #neoclassical #guitar #progressive piece with some #djent elements on a old and weak laptop, that I borrowed from a friend, because I just can’t sit here and doing nothing…
Well, the result is here and below you can find the link, where you can see and hear my entry and, of course, vote for me 🙂

Wait For Sleep (by Dream Theater)

It is some idea, I was thinking about for some time, and when I heard the complete arrangement in a dream two days ago, I was already convinced, that I had to make this cover, dead or alive…images and words 😉 … I even put my phone to the charger the night before, because it would play an important role in this recording, being the only option to record video, while playing piano via sampler on the laptop… Well, I am actually a little bit surprised, that I did all the takes almost from the first attempt, so I plan to give myself some medal… or chocolate… or beer… or both 😀
So, I am not a singer, therefore I had to replace the vocal part with something – a guitar, for an example 😀
Well…. too many words… let’s start with the images:

Facebook Page Anniversary #1

Today my #Official #Facebook #Page turns 1 month… I know it is funny to celebrate such a baby-like anniversary, but at this very moment, it has 1639 likes, which is actually a pretty good achievement for a musician’s page of a not-known guitarist from #Eastern #Europe, who’s managing all this stuff all alone, despite all of the circumstances and the usual living troubles in this area, so celebrate with me, pour a bit of your favourte drink, raise your glass and shout out loud “Hallowed be thy name!” (it’s Alexandra Zerner, in case you have forgotten, after all this drinking) 😀
Then, after you swallow, you can go and visit my facebook page here and give me a like, then check my #YouTube channel here and you better subscribe, because I will upload a new guitar video every week and you don’t want to miss it, trust me 😉
Also, you can check my campaign for my #debut #solo #album “9 Stories” here and support me, so I can continue doing music, because “likes” don’t pay my bills… or at least the cashier says so 😉

Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014

Sooo, a little bit different from what I usually play, bit it was a good experience with my good old 6-strings #Ibanez, which now has got a brand new ‘Alexandra Zerner’ #logo (for more info – check my facebook page) 🙂

Enjoy my #entry for the Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014: